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Travel to a Tropical Island
and Become a Plant-Based Chef  
Our two week Living Foods Master Chef immersion courses will take you from the beginning – taste balancing and plant-based nutrition education to the advanced – learning how to create and refine your own signature recipes. We will guide you through everyday food preparation skills, how to prepare nutritious meals and shift your lifestyle towards abundant health. 
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Come to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua and Dive Deep into the Plant Based Lifestyle!
Explore advanced culinary themes and develop your unique style as a chef!
Join the most significant food revolution the world has ever seen!

2021 Course Dates:
February 21st - March 8th, 2021
November 6th – 21st, 2021

Join the Plant-Based Revolution!
Are you ready to embark on an ah-mazing plant based adventure? Our live, in-person Plant Based Nutrition Courses introduce us to a lifestyle that is for the passionate foodie, beginner entrepreneur and wellness professional. With a deep dive into the science behind our nutrition, awesome culinary tips and plenty of kitchen practice, the knowledge and skills you will gain over the duration of this course will change everything. 
Living Foods Master Chef Certification

What's Included? 

  • Sunrise Morning Yoga and Meditation
  • ​​​Recipe Creation and Plant Labs 
  • Raw Superfood Breakfast 
  • Raw Lunches and Superfoods
  • ​Gourmet Organic, Plant Based Dinners
  • ​​Culinary and Holistic Nutrition Classes
  • ​​15 Nights Accommodation at Wanderlust Utopia
  • ​Pachavega Living Foods Master Chef Certification
  • ​Raw Food Chef Alliance Membership (One Year)
  • ​Local Chocolate Paradise Factory Tour
  • ​Airport Transfer 


Our Curriculum:

~ Week One ~

Module 1: Intro to a Nutrient Dense Plant-Based Lifestyle
Module 2: Flavor Balancing
Module 3: Knife Skills
Module 4: Sustainability and Ethical Choices
Module 5: Soaking, Sprouting and Growing Greens
Module 6: Healthy Digestion - You Are What You Digest
Module 7: Cleansing, Detoxification and Your pH
Module 8: The Magic of Fermentation and Cultured Foods
Module 9: Nut-free Cuisine and Food Allergies
Module 10: Seaweeds and Algae
Module 11: Fitness Foods and Nutrition for Athletes
Module 12: Healing Spices from Around the World
Module 13: All about Dairy and Healthy Alternatives
Module 14: Cooked Comfort Foods to Drool Over

~ Week Two ~

Module 15: Gourmet Cultured Foods and Other Ferments
Module 16: Master the Crunch of Dehydrated Foods: Crackers, Crusts and Garnishes 
Module 17: Food Photography for Social Media
Module 18: Plating Presentation and Saucing Techniques
Module 19: Raw Desserts and Superfoods: Chocolate, Nice Cream and Cakes
Module 20: Medicinal Mushrooms, Adaptogens and Elixirs
Module 21: Foods for Fertility, Pregnancy and Childhood
Module 22: Menu Planning for Performance and Prevention
Module 23: Building Your Wellness Business
Module 24: Essential Oils in the Raw Food Lifestyle

What Students are Saying...

Clara Hughes
6-time Olympic Medalist
Canmore, Canada

Melissa Sutton
Health and Wellness Coach
Calgary, Canada

Dorothy Feeley

“The Pachavega Level One Course dispelled the myths of living foods prep and lifestyle. It’s not just what you eat, but how nutrition can influence your physical and emotional state that truly matters. Danielle Arsenault is a passionate and inspiring teacher who has infused this desire to live life to its fullest in me and many others.” 
“This is a practical course that teaches you not only how to make amazing healthful food, but teaches you the science of why we would eat this way. The way the course is structured really heps to maximize the time for optimum absorption of the information. I have learned skills here that I will use for the rest of my life. Thank you Danielle for creating this inspirational course! ”
“Before coming to Pachavega I had been transitioning to plant-based of life. It was a slow process because I wanted to do it responsibly, nutritionally. Taking this course not only jump started the process, it accelerated the process by giving me tools and education to know how to eat a nutrient dense menu. Totally worth every penny and an investment in myself from a health perspective!”
Ready for An Adventure of a Lifetime?
JOIN US IN NICARAGUA, FEBRUARY 2021! (Very limited spots)
Wanderlust Utopia - Our home in Nicaragua
On the Island of Ometepe, Nicaragua, Wanderlust Utopia is a conscious, sustainable, eco-modern health and wellness facility. A geographical marvel and jungle paradise in its own right, Ometepe is formed not just by one, but two volcanoes. Volcan Concepción, active and fiery by nature, is energetically and cosmically balanced by Volcan Maderas, a dormant volcano, blessed with a crater lake that brings us the element of water. Just like it’s geographical home, Wanderlust Utopia is a creation that could only be brought to life under the perfect conditions of fate and timing. Consciously crafted on 2 acres of lakeside land, we care for our guests with small footprint, modern, eco friendly accommodations. Check out more on their website HERE

As Seen In: 

Who Are We?

The Story of Pachavega 

Growing up in the suburbs of a prairie town in Saskatchewan, Canada, I was exposed to all the comforts of middle class living with a wonderful family who has always supported my crazy ideas. When I was 19, a friend of mine and I hitchhiked across Canada – from Regina to Newfoundland and back on a whim. That summer opened my mind to the incredible human race and my desire to see others thrive and live in their true happiness ... we also got into a little bit of trouble! How was I, little ol' me, going to help people thrive? I suppose the entrepreneurial spirit in me was always bubbling away in the recesses of my inner self. I made a line of perfume and walked around hip neighborhoods selling the little bottles. While living in South Korea, I collaborated with the lovely Jessica Perlaza and co-created a vegan, gluten-free cookbook series inspired by seasonal, whole foods called The Kitchens of Pinch and Dash. For almost 10 years, I traveled the world and discovered isolated corners of over 25 countries (and counting). Eventually I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and then a post-grad degree in the Master of Teaching Program at the University of Calgary. I also studied a Living Foods Lifestyle Education Certification from the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico, a Raw Food Educator Certificate from the Raw Foundation Culinary Arts Institute in Vancouver, a certificate in Permaculture Design from Sadhana Forest in Haiti and then became a certified Colon Hydrotherapist. 

Yet, in 2011, a near-death rock climbing accident changed my relationship with the world, and my perspective of life as I knew it, not the certificates I had garnered over the years. I came to the realization that we are truly blessed to be alive. After the accident, I found myself rapidly healing with no lingering pains whatsoever. And I attribute this vitality to the food that I was eating. Many of my little projects over the years had been rooted in grass and they had one thing in common – although entertaining, they didn’t really, truly empower people to make lasting changes in their lives that would enable them to thrive, to give them the tools and inspire their journey towards optimal health and happiness. It was time for me to do something bigger than myself and really be the change I wanted to see. 

And that’s why I founded Pachavega Living Foods Education. It is my deep desire to educate the world about the healing power of plant-based whole foods and support a healthy lifestyle rooted in compassion for the planet. I have discovered endless combinations and hidden secrets in nutrition – especially in raw, living foods over the last 12 years. It is my calling to educate myself in depth about the healing power of whole foods and a healthy lifestyle so in turn, I can share my insights to empower you!
"It is my deep desire to educate the world 
about the healing power of plant-based whole foods."
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